AI Tools

Below is a list of tools for you to explore and play with.  We have it sorted in three sections:

Content Generation Tools     |     Marketing Tools      |     Efficiency Tools

Important Notes

We have shared login information for some of the products listed below and noted with “login provided”.

Everything else listed will require you to create an account.  We indicated which products that have a free tier by including “Free”. For accounts that require payment, we encourage you just review what the app can do and not purchase anything during this presentation. 

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Try Our Custom Built AI Tool

Since you are participating in our AI Discussion, we've provided you a free 30-day all-access pass to our AI Tool that leverages OpenAI and AWS to create images, audio, and text.  There are limits to how much you can create since we are absorbing these costs so you can explore AI to its full potential. 

Marketing Tools

These tools are designed to help you market or expand your service offerings. Whether that is through recruitment or social media or growing your connections, these tools will help you accomplish that. 

Efficiency Tools

Looking to make your workday more streamlined? Too many emails, calendars, meetings?  These tools help you!

Gary Price and Ithaka S+R Release a Product Tracker

Great Collection By InfoDocket

Our friend Gary Price has put together a large collection of tools over the years.  Ithaka S+R has put together a great generative AI Product Tracker that lists generative AI products that are either marketed specifically towards postsecondary faculty or students or appear to be actively in use by postsecondary faculty or students for teaching, learning, or research activities. 

Other Tools To Explore

Check out these other tools to explore.  Have fun!

  • Perplexity AI
  • Browse AI
  • Afforai
  • Dubverse
  • Gradescope: An AI tool that enables students to assess each other while providing feedback. It uses machine learning (ML) and AI to make grading easier, saving time and energy for teachers.
  • Cognii’s Virtual Learning Assistant: Offers personalized feedback on students’ written responses in real time, allowing educators to track progress and helps students improve their writing skills.